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Java SE OCP-Java 7

Course Duration : 2 year


Java SE OCP-Java 7

Oracle Certified Professional course is designed for those who has strong base in Java programming and also want to expand the creating knowledge in java. Objective of this course not only to sustain your day-to-day programming skills, but also advance your ability to design and develop object oriented Java applications.

Nahda Modern Institutes Technologies make available Java SE OCP training in Gurgaon, Delhi and India. In this course you will get in depth training from Java expert trainers and we make trainees proficient and familiar with several concepts of java.


This course also helps you to proceed with the following certifications.

    Java SE 7 Programmer II 1Z0-804.

Learn to:

In this course, you will learn to Create Java applications with the latest Javaversion by using IDE like Eclipse, Netbeans etc. andIdentify and enhance the object-oriented thinking skills using best programming practices. Course will also cover various concepts like Objects, Collections, Concurrency, Threads, Generics, JDBC etc.

After completing, participants should be able to:

    Create the Java technology applications that leverage object-oriented features of Java language, as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
    Localize the Java applications.
    Create multi-threaded applications like chat server that avoid deadlock.
    Make application in best case by using Collections framework to store a lot of data
    Implement exception handling using error-handling techniques.
    Implement standard input/output (I/O).Creation of duplicate file,Writes an object to file,compression etc.
    Execute a Java application from command line.
    Perform operations on database tables using JDBC technology, as creating, reading, updating and deleting.


    Software Developer
    B.Tech/M.Tech, BCA/MCA students


Participant of this course are assumed to be familiar any programming language.

    Basic understanding of Java OOP’s Concepts.
    Have completed the Java SE 7 Fundamentals course, or experience with the Java language, like creating, compiling and executing programs as in IZO-803.