Course Duration : 3 months



One of the world’s most widely respected English-language tests, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (or TOEFL) is recognized by thousands of colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries. These include the UK, US, Canada and Australia.
Whether you need TOEFL to enter university or for your career, make sure you get the best score by getting the best help.
Taking a TOEFL preparation course with EC is your essential first step towards success.
What about scores?
The next generation TOEFL test has four sections:



3-5 passages, 12-14 questions each
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60-100 Mins



4-6 lectures, 6 questions each
2-3 conversations, 5 questions each
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60-90 Mins



6 tasks, 2 independent and 2 integrated

20 Mins



1 integrated task
1 independent task

50 Mins


Learn how to pass TOEFL with ease. Whether you are planning to move abroad or applying for admission to an overseas university, an acceptable TOEFL score is an essential part of both immigration and admission process. We offer an intensive course for TOEFL in which we focus on improving your test-taking techniques in addition to improving the specific language issues associated with TOEFL .You will get information on how register for the TOEFL, fees and payment method, registration form, a list of test centers, what happens on the test day, scoring information, following correct registration procedures and clear understanding of the test, thus covering all your requirements in order to score well in your test. We have fully furnished and up-to-date computer lab for this purpose Where you learn specific strategies for the American examination with an emphasis on enriching vocabulary and listening skills. During the course you will practice examination with feedback from your teacher.

The TOEFL test gives you more choices about where you want to study.

  • TOEFL is accepted by more institutions than any other English-language test in the world — including the top colleges and universities, 7,000+ institutions in 130 countries , including almost every university in the U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, that rely on TOEFL scores for admissions, scholarship and graduation decisions.

The TOEFL test gives you more convenience and flexibility.

  • The entire test is taken in one day, which saves you travel time and costs. There are more than 4,500 test centers to choose from.
  • You can retake the test if you want to improve your scores.

The TOEFL test gives you the skills you need to communicate in real-life academic situations.

  • In the classroom and on campus, you will be able to communicate your ideas effectively.
  • Listen to lectures, read textbooks and online research, write academic papers and e-mails, and speak with other students and professors.

The TOEFL test is fair and accurate.

  • All test takers have a similar test-taking experience, which eliminates the inconsistency of interviews that could negatively impact your scores.

Scores are objective and unbiased. Tests are scored anonymously by ETS-certified experts